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Peak Education Team
1 Feb 2024

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Year 10 Subject Selection: TISC University Admissions 2026

The TISC University Admission 2026 guide is now available. This guide is an essential resource for Year 10 students preparing for subject selection. It offers detailed information about the subject selection process and university admission requirements.

Access the TISC University Admission 2026 Guide

Why Read the TISC Guide?

The TISC guide provides comprehensive details on the subjects necessary for various university pathways and courses. Choosing the right subjects in Year 10 can significantly impact your options and readiness for university. The guide explains the importance of each subject and how it aligns with different career paths, ensuring that students make the right informed decisions.

Understanding ATAR Subject Combinations

The TISC guide details important changes in how the Tertiary Entrance Aggregate (TEA) is calculated, affecting subject selection for Year 10 students planning for 2026. Previously, bonus points were awarded for specific subjects like Mathematics Methods, Mathematics Specialist, and the highest Language Other Than English (LOTE) score. From 2026, these bonuses will no longer apply. This means that all subjects will be treated equally in the ATAR calculations, levelling the playing field for everyone.

Next Steps

We encourage all students and parents to carefully read the TISC guide to fully understand the implications of subject choices. For further information, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us ( or visit the TISC website.

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