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How It Works

At Peak students learn one step ahead of the WA syllabus, in a way that's structured, simplified, and easy to understand.

Small Group Classes

One to One Support

Comprehensive Resources

Whether you're looking to catch up, keep up, or excel ahead, we have everything you need to help you achieve your goals.

Exceptional Teachers

Gain in-depth knowledge with engaging theory lessons. Our experienced teachers are subject matter experts who explain concepts clearly, ensuring every student understands each lesson.

Structured Lessons

Learn with clarity through our structured courses. Each lesson focuses on three key areas: understanding core concepts, practicing exam style questions, and revising the previous week's content.

Comprehensive Resources

Get exam-ready with hundreds of practice questions. Our detailed theory booklets and comprehensive online portal provide students with everything they need to excel, all in one place.

Loved by over

1,258 students across 80 schools.


Methodist Ladies College

Absolutely fantastic! Peak has significantly improved my grades across the board - from Maths to Physics and Chemistry. The small group sessions and one to one workshops and study materials, made all the difference in my final year.

Carine Senior High School

Joining Peak was the best decision for my Year 11 and 12 studies. The environment is supportive, and the lessons are engaging, making it easy to stay focused and absorb the material. A heartfelt thanks to the Peak team for guiding me through my ATAR journey!

Hale School

I had such an amazing experience at Peak! The structured lessons and high-quality materials have given me a competitive edge. What stands out is the genuine care and dedication of the team to ensure your ATAR years are stress-free!


Peak Education has been a game-changer during Y12, especially in Maths Methods and Chemistry. From the moment I started, the structured weekly lessons and comprehensive booklets have kept me ahead of the school, turning my C's into A's.

Perth Modern School

From the first lesson at Peak, I knew I was in the right place. The professional yet welcoming atmosphere, combined with outstanding materials and exceptional teachers, enabled me to achieve the ATAR for dentistry.

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