Y12 Maths Methods Tutoring

Boost your marks and confidence at school with Y12 Maths Methods Tutoring.

Course Overview

The Maths Methods Term Course consists of 9 weekly lessons over 9 weeks during the regular school term. Each lesson runs for 3 hours weekly.

Small Group Classes

One to One Support

Comprehensive Resources

During the term, students gain in-depth knowledge from experienced teachers, in a way that’s structured, simplified, and easy to understand. Further, if students have any questions on Peak work or school work throughout the week, they can book-in free one-to-one tutorials with our team.


Peak maths teachers have a detailed understanding of the ATAR course and how to succeed in it. They truly understand the concepts behind the theory and use their specific knowledge to help students do the same.


Peak math courses are designed to deliver syllabus content three to five weeks ahead of most school schedules.

Term 1

(Oct - Dec)
  • Y11 Exam Revision I-IV
  • Further Rules
  • The Second Derivative
  • Rectilinear Motion
  • Optimisation
  • Small Change

Term 2

(Feb - Mar)
  • Anti-Differentiation
  • Definite Integration
  • Exponential Function Calculus
  • Trigonometric Function Calculus
  • Discrete Random Variables (DRVs)

Term 3

(Apr - Jun)
  • Sem 1 Exam Revision I-IV
  • Logarithms
  • Natural Logarithms
  • Continuous Random Variables (CRVs)

Term 4

(Jul - Sep)
  • Normal Distribution
  • Sampling Techniques
  • Confidence Intervals
  • Margin of Error
  • Sem 2 Exam Revision I-IV

WACE Revision

(Oct - Nov)
  • Mock Exam Review
  • WACE Prep Lessons I - III
  • Timed Practice Exams

Exam revision lessons are integrated into our term courses to ensure students are exam ready.

Comprehensive Resources

Get exam-ready with hundreds of practice questions. Our detailed theory booklets and comprehensive online portal provide students with everything they need to excel, all in one place.

Lesson Timetable

Monday 4.30pm-7.30pm

Wednesday 4.30pm-7.30pm

Saturday 12.30pm-3.30pm

Sunday 12.30pm-3.30pm

In addition to weekly lessons, FREE one-to-one tutorials can be booked from Monday to Saturday each week.


How our students reach their PEAK

Exceptional Teachers

Our experienced teachers are subject matter experts. They explain concepts clearly to ensure students understand every lesson.

Structured Lessons

Every lesson focuses on three key areas - understanding core concepts, practicing exam style questions and revision of previous week's content.

Comprehensive Resources

Detailed theory booklets and a comprehensive online portal provide students with everything they need to excel.

Personalised Support

In addition to weekly lessons, students have access to free one-on-one tutorials for any questions about school or Peak work.

Online Portal (POD)

An online learning portal where students can watch lesson videos, find solutions to questions and ask tutors for help, every day.

Supportive Community

School-specific classes, regular seminars and workshops and a vibrant learning space means every student is well supported.

Year 12 Maths Methods Term Course



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  • 9 Lessons Per Term
  • 3 Hours Per Lesson
  • Experienced Peak Teachers
  • Small Group Classes
  • Detailed Theory Book and Workbook
  • Weekly Homework and Quizzes
  • Practice Tests and Exams
  • One-to-One Tutorials
  • Access to Online Portal (POD)
  • Pay Monthly or Quarterly

* Further discount may apply for students taking multiple subjects


Does Peak offer one to one support?

Yes absolutely, as part of the term course offering, students can book free one-to-one tutoring lessons on a fortnightly basis to address any questions based on school work or Peak work.

How many students are in a group class?

At Peak, our average class size is 6-8 students. We keep classes small to ensure students receive high levels of attention and learning support.

What is the qualification of the teachers?

Peak teachers are degree-qualified and/ or highly experienced tutors of the WACE curriculum. They are renowned for their extensive knowledge, clear communication style, and passion for the subject.

Additionally, all teachers withhold a valid Working With Children Check (WCC) and Police Clearance.

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